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Lone Wolfe Seasonings
This is a blend of 10
ingredients and spices. A
seasoning that adds a
Spicy Tart Flavor to any
steak. This blend of spices
will give the average Home
Cook the ability to grill a
great steak similar to those
in Famous Steakhouses.
The flavor is far better than
a lot of Steakhouses.

Additional Uses:
Season French Fries
Grill Chicken
Seafood Seasoning
Best Pinto Beans
Popcorn Seasoning

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Lone Wolf Seasonings
How to use our Steak Seasoning:

For Steaks
Rub Worcestershire all over the steaks and sprinkle seasoning
on ONE SIDE ONLY pretty heavy. Then put seasoned side down
over HOT fire to sear, then cook as usual. Flip steak over one
time halfway through and sear other side. Finish cooking your
steaks to the degree of doneness you like. You should be able
to taste the MEAT and the seasoning won't overpower them.

Season All
You can use this as a Season All on just about anything
including vegetables. You just have to experiment with it. Use a
little and add more to your taste, the more you use the spicier it
becomes. Always shake well before each use, since the salts
settle toward the bottom while in storage.

Best Pinto Bean Recipe

* We are trying to find a container that will fit our 16oz
seasoning so that it will be easier to use. At this time you need
your own container to place it in.