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Lone Wolfe Seasonings
How it all started:
I needed a seasoning to
use on steaks that I was
grilling for customers at
my Club in Houston. I
went to the local Kroger's
store and started looking. I
am not one to use Ready-
Made products, I prefer to
make my own. I bought
several spices (15 or so)
and started blending. It
took two weeks of
tweaking the mix, but
within a month all the
customers were raving
about the flavor of the
steaks. Before long I had
customers coming from
Conroe, Texas 20 miles
away just to eat steaks.
The craze has not stopped
yet. I now have seasoning
customers all over Texas
and some in St. Louis,
Chicago, Buffalo,
Pennsylvania, and
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Lone Wolf Seasonings
Roy has 30 plus years of experience cooking barbecue.  He
started out cooking with friends at backyard parties when he
was 18 years old.  They each shared their cooking ideas, and he
now has some of the best tasting food you can find.

Roy has spent 25 years testing and developing his BBQ sauce,
and has what is considered one of the best.  He has many rubs,
special blended spices, and marinades he has developed & uses
in his cooking.

He has also cooked at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
(HLSR).  While co-cooking with his best friend in 1989, at the
HLSR, the team won Reserve Grand Champion in Ribs.  He has
placed numerous times at several other cook-offs as well.

Roy Roberts, Owner